Please find below our catalogue of certified legal documents and contracts:

Downloads purchased through the Legal Information Hub are more than just electronic documents. Electronic documents are files which can be downloaded as text to a computer, and which can be saved, printed out or transferred to a third user for personal use. As legal documents, they have a value, but that value falls far short of a guarantee in legal terms, whether in respect of authorship, authenticity, veracity or accuracy.


In all of these respects, what a document needs as a guarantee is an electronic signature. This confirms that an author is who he claims to be, has the qualifications claimed, is able and equipped to give the opinion or advice being offered, and that the content is legally binding. It is essential that any legal document acquired bears such a signature so as to have full, guaranteed value as a legal opinion exactly equivalent to a personal consultation, and to be valid at all stages of legal process since the technology behind e-signatures is recognized by Spanish courts.


All documents purchased through the Legal Information Hub bear such an electronic signature, which confirms that the content is written by José Escobedo, underwritten by his professional status as an abogado qualified and registered in Spain, and guaranteed by his professional indemnity. The documents are presented bilingually in both Spanish and English.